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Protection/Rust Preventative


In order to prevent high-temperature corrosion, corrosion by chemicals, seawater, or moisture, thermal spray coating is applied to the surface of the product to give it corrosion resistance.

Rust Preventative

Rust prevention is the basis of corrosion protection because oxidation of the surface is accelerated when rust occurs on the surface of metal. Therefore, in order to prevent metal rust caused by oxygen, moisture, and carbon dioxide in the air, coating is applied to the surface of products and structures to block them from rust-causing factors.

Heat Resistance/Abrasion Resistance

Heat Resistance

Heat-resistant coating is applied to the surface of the product to withstand high temperatures of 300℃~1,000℃, and parts/facility such as engine parts, gas turbines, power plant facilities (Boiler Tube, Super Heater), and oil refinery facilities that are mainly exposed to high-temperature environments apply, etc.

Wear Resistance

Abrasion problems that occur across all industries are a major factor in reducing the efficiency and durability of products. In order to prevent this, metal compounds such as Tungsten Carbide, Cr₃C₂, and Inconel are used to give anti-wear properties to dramatically increase the efficiency and lifespan of the product.

Electromagnetic wave blocking, Antibacterial, Radiation Shielding

Electromagnetic Wave Blocking

In order to protect the electronic system from electromagnetic waves, a shield must be installed or blocked with a special metal. Metal shielding is heavy, making it difficult to use for small flying objects such as drones. Therefore, it can be used without any increase in weight by applying a metal coating known to have excellent electromagnetic wave blocking effect, and it can block even low frequencies by adjusting the coating thickness.


In order to keep food fresh, silver (Ag) is coated for antibacterial purposes on parts of refrigerators. However, silver has the downside of being expensive. By coating with copper (Cu), which has the same effect and is inexpensive, it can be economically safe from bacteria.

Radiation Shield

It can block gamma rays (r-ray), X-rays, and thermal neutron flux by coating a composite material containing ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and high concentration of metal. By coating the powder mixed with polymer and boron carbide using polymer flame spray, neutron shielding is possible up to 75%.

Overlay Welding

Overlay Welding

It is applied to industries that require high corrosion/abrasion resistance in high-temperature and high-pressure environments such as power plants and petrochemicals. In particular, it has excellent bonding strength because it achieves complete fusion with the parent material through welding.