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Thermal Spray Coating

Economical and widely applied high-performance surface coating technology

Thermal spraying is a processing method that forms a film by heating materials such as metal or ceramic to melt or soften them into fine particles and collide them with the surface of a workpiece to solidify and deposit the broken particles. It is a special coating technology that melts and then sprays it at high speed to fuse it to the surface of the base material to be coated.

Advantages of thermal spray coating

  • No restrictions on the type of base material to be coated
  • No limit on the size of the parent material
  • No deformation of base material during thermal spray coating
  • Both work in the factory and work at the local site are possible
  • The coating layer is thicker than other surface treatment technologies
  • There are various materials to be coated (about 200 types)

Principle of thermal spray coating

  • 01

    Wire & Powder

  • 02

    Electric, Gas, Liquid Heat Source

  • 03

    Particle Acceleration

  • 04

    Substrate Impact

Types of thermal spray coating

Quality / Type Application field Temperature of heat source Type of heat source Particle speed Adhesion Porosity Main coating material
Electric Arc Spray Boiler tube, ship / offshore plant, etc. 4,100℃ Electrical Arc 150m/sec 8,000psi 5 ~ 15% Al, Cu, Ni-Cr Inconel
Flame Spray (Wire, Powder) Boiler tube, ship engine parts, ship/offshore plant, mechanical parts 2,200-3,100℃ Oxygen+ Fuel Gas 50~150m/sec 4,000~6,000psi 8 ~ 13% Al, Mo, Ni-Cr ,Zn, SUS, Self-Flux Metal
H.V.O.F Coating Buckets, turbine blades, boiler tubes, oil refineries, etc. 3,100℃ Oxygen + Fuel Gas 1,060m/sec 12,000psi 0.8% WC-Co, Cr₂C₃, Inconel
Plasma Spray Gas turbine blades, LCD cathodes, semiconductors, etc. 15,000℃ Plasma Gas 650m/sec 10,000psi 3% Ceramic, WC, Ni-Al, Cr₂O₃
Hypersonic Metallization Boiler tube, ship engine, general machinery, aircraft parts, substitute for chrome plating 4,100℃ Electric Arc + Fuel Gas 500m/sec 15,000psi 1% Al, Cu, Ni-Cr, Ti, lnconel