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Hypersonic Metallization
Polymer Coatings by Polymer Flame Spray Unit

Hypersonic Metallization, H.M

Hypersonic Metallization

HM is the most efficient thermal spraying method compared to previously known thermal spraying methods and can be applied to all areas such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance.
The flame speed at the time of spraying is 1500m/sec and the transfer speed of particles is 500m/sec. HM is a spraying method that has both the advantages of Arc Spray and HVOF.

  • Schematic
  • Difference from other thermal spray techniques

Other coating facility performance comparison table

Parameter Thermal spray material form Dosage (kg/h) Particle transport speed (m/s) Cost per unit weight (kg) (US $)
Hypersonic metallization Wires. Composite wires 16-19 400-500 7-12
Plasma spraying (Ceramic Coating) Powders 4.5-8.7 200-250 58-90
H.V.O.F-process (Cr-C Coating) Powders 7-9 400-700 75-120

Equipment used

Application example

Anti-corrosion coatings (interior and exterior coatings for tubes and other products)

Zinc coating on large bolts and automobile parts

Marine transport equipment repair work

  • Anti-corrosion coating on ships

  • Lathe engine parts repair

Bearing mount and stuffing box repair

Crankshaft journal part repair

Sugar factory aluminum coating


  • Large shaft repair

  • Headstock spindle repair

  • Cuff ring coating

  • Cuff housing coating