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Polymer Coatings by Polymer Flame Spray Unit

Polymer Coatings by Polymer Flame Spray Unit

Polymer Coatings by Polymer Flame Spray Unit

Using a gas flame spray torch, composite fillers such as oxides, metals and minerals are mixed into a powder coating in a thermoplastic polymer.Coating can be performed directly at the site of use without removing the coating object from the main body. It can be coated on all materials such as metal products, concrete, building materials, bricks, wood, and glass.

  • Coating technical specifications

    Bonding force MPa 80.0 - 10.5
    Coating productivity kg/h 2.5 - 3.4
    Material utilization 0.85 (85%)

  • Polymer Powder Physical Properties

    Particle size ㎛ 40 - 300
    Melting point ℃ 90 - 400

  • Thermal spray gun weight kg (excluding thermal spray material weight)


Use of polymer coating

  • anti-corrosion

    Pipelines, supports, towers, metal parts of radar tracking and control devices, fuel or oil supplies and storage tanks

  • emergency repair

    Damaged parts of power generation facility partsEmergency repair for insulation

  • Moisture resistance improvement, icicle prevention

    Surface treatment to improve the moisture resistance of stove covers and plywood, stop valve coating of gas pipelines, and excellent anti-icing effects such as icicle prevention and chimneys

Equipment used